La diferenciación y la innovación son ahora factores clave para tener éxito en el sector agroalimentario. Por ello, los derechos de propiedad intelectual son cada vez más importantes para competir en ese campo. Esta Guía informativa le proporciona una visión general de cada DPI para el sector, con un enfoque especial en Indicaciones geográficas.

IP in the Agri- Food sector (I): Geographical Indications


Differentiation and innovation are now key factors to succeed on the Agri-Food sector. Thus, Intellectual Property Rights are becoming more and more important for competing in such field. This Factsheet provides you with and overview of the relevance of each IPR for the sector, with a special focus on Geographical Indications.

Lack of patent protection

ARMAGE2 is a Spanish company that produces farming mechanical tools and owns patents and utility models concerning some of their technology, which they have registered in Europe, Argentina and Brazil.

Their Argentinean supplier offered to start distributing two patented products in Uruguay, as they considered this country to be a promising market for these products. Unfortunately, the patents had been applied for in Spain more than 12 months before. Therefore, ARMAGE2 could not claim priority for their Uruguayan patent application.