Brazil Trademark Costs Updated for Madrid System Accession

Brazilian INPI issues new IP costs sheet

Brazil’s Insituto Nacional da Propiedad Industrial (INPI), the national IP office has issued a new cost sheet detailing the fees for actions filed with it. This is the consequence of Brazil’s accession to the Madrid Protocol for the International Registration of Trademarks, as we had announced last July.

The details contained in the table now include inter alia the costs incurred when registering a trademark in Brazil using the Madrid System.  

The costs related to the Madrid System are the following:

  • Certificate of International application for transmission to the International Bureau (Article 2 - Madrid Protocol) – 89€ per class
  • Correction of inconsistencies in the certification of international applications (Rule 9 - Regulation of the Madrid Protocol) – 69€
  • Declaration of irregularity in an international application communicated by the International Bureau (Rules 11, 12 and 13 - Regulations of the Madrid Protocol) – 69€
  • Validation and transmission of the application for transfer of international registration to the International Bureau (Article 9 - Madrid Protocol) – 39€
  • Transformation of the designation received in a national application resulting from the cancellation of the International Registry (Article 9d - Madrid Protocol) – 111€
  • Note of substitution of the national registry in designation received (Article 4bis - Madrid Protocol) – 111€
  • Designation received (Article 3ter - Madrid Protocol) – 90€ per class
  • Granting of registration and issuance of certificate (Article 8 (7) to ii - Madrid Protocol and Rule 34 (3) - Madrid Protocol Regulations) – 162€ per class
  • Extension (Articles 7 and 8 (7) to ii - Madrid Protocol and Rule 30 - Madrid Protocol Regulations) – 232€ per class
  • Designation received, granting of registration and issuance of certificate (Article 8 (7) - Madrid Protocol) – 252€.

Brazil's accession to the Madrid System will be effective from the 2nd of October. For more information, please be referred to the INPI’s press release on this.

In case you need more information regarding the registration of trademarks in Brazil, do not hesitate to contact us via our helpline!

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