Trade mark registration in Peru

Trade mark registration in Peru

Are you planning to grow your business in Peru? Do you know how to register your trade mark? This Factsheet is focused on the trade mark registration proceedings in Peru to help you to avoid the most common mistakes during the registration of your trade mark.

Trade marks in Peru:

- Legal framework on trade marks in Peru
- Has Peru acceded to the Madrid System?
- Who is the trade mark registration authority in Peru?
- Which signs can be registered as a trade mark in Peru?
- Does Decision 486/2000 provide protection for other distinctive signs?
- How long does legal protection last?
- How long does it take for trade mark protection to be granted?
- Is it possible to register a mark for several products and services?
- How much does it cost?

Grounds of refusal for trade mark registration

Registration procedure

Trademark use requirements in Peru

Enforcement of trade mark rights in Peru

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