Managing IPR in relation to Internet of things

Managing IPR in relation to Internet of the things

It is estimated that by 2025 the potential economic impact of IoT around the world will be from € 2.7 billion to 6.2 billion with applications in health, manufacturing, energy, urban infrastructure, security, vehicles and agriculture. Although still incipient, the Latin-American market is set to grow rapidly over the next few years, reaching  €1 billion expected by 2021. Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) come into play as legal mechanisms which aim to incentivize the creation of new technical solutions/products by allowing IPR holders to exclude third parties from using their inventions and creations for a certain time, as well as maximizing their value thanks to proper protection and management.

This Factsheet wil provide you with an overview on how to maximize the use of IPR in relation to the Internet of the Things and the new business opportunities brought by the technological revolution.