All Star Webinar: IP Management and Digitalisation with CEIPI and all International IPR SME Helpdesks and the Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk

Modern IP management is the key success factor to create and protect new business models in the digitisation. Here, an understanding of the practical use of intellectual property (IP) in concrete business models is crucial. Understanding this the development of a new IP strategy or the valuation of existing IP becomes feasible for SMEs.
An IP strategy for the digital challenges: IP offers you as an SME the opportunity to assert yourself in digitally transforming business ecosystems, to secure your own profitable position and to create added value with innovations.

Software protection in Brazil and Mexico

GIS – Gestão Integrada de Seguros, is a Portugal-based SME with more than 30 years of experience in the development and commercialization of software products for the insurance market. GIS enjoys a well-established commercial and implementation network which extends to Spain, France, Poland and Portuguese-speaking African countries.

Attracted by Latin America as a key market for its software products and services, GIS decided to expand its business to Mexico and Brazil, by means of local partnership.

Practical measures for enforcing your Software copyright in Argentina

Illusion Machine, Ltd. is a leading Irish SME firm specialised in providing advance software products for audiovisual and multimedia industries.

This Irish company, which operates an online shop, offers on its website 3-month trial versions of its software products in order to give their potential customers the chance to try its products and then decide whether they are interested in buying its full version.

Managing IPR in relation to Internet of things


It is estimated that by 2025 the potential economic impact of IoT around the world will be from € 2.7 billion to 6.2 billion with applications in health, manufacturing, energy, urban infrastructure, security, vehicles and agriculture.

La PI dans le secteur des TIC


Les produits appartenant au secteur des TIC requièrent souvent de la mise en œuvre de différentes technologies et autres créations pour pouvoir opérer ou devenir plus attrayants. Une stratégie adaptée en ce qui concerne vos droits de PI devient donc essentielle avant même de commencer à commercialiser ces produits.

La PI en el sector de las TIC


La mayoría de los productos de las TIC requieren de la implementación de diferentes tecnologías y creaciones de cara a ser operativos o tener mayor atractivo. De manera que configurar una estrategia de derechos de PI adaptada a las necesidades específicas es esencial antes de empezar a comercializar este tipo de productos.