IP mediation on trade marks

LaGalguita is a Spanish SME that sells its own line of cosmetics: make-up, skincare, hand creams and body creams. After its success in Spain, Portugal and Italy, the brand decided to target Latin America, starting with Argentina and Mexico. For that purpose, the SME filed for trade mark registration in both countries.

Franchise protection in Colombia

Esprimere, an Italian coffee shop, has registered their trade mark ‘PronTissimo’ (word mark) and their logo (figurative mark) with their national IP office. The company contacted local IP lawyers from Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia, since they are planning to expand to these three countries. Consequently, they applied for the registration of both trade marks in all three countries.

Technology Transfer in Brazil


Technology transfer plays a relevant role in the growth of companies. It allows EU SMEs to find a way to exchange or acquire high-quality research and cutting-edge technology with outstanding research organisations. This Factsheet gives you an overview of what you need to know before signing a tech transfer agreement with Brazilian partners.

Coexistence agreement in Brazil

Over the last years, the Spanish brewery Aqua&Terra has capitalised on the current craft beer boom in Europe by successfully producing and distributing its star brand “Veralinda”. Taking into account that the Latin American market offered a good opportunity for the commercial consolidation of its brand, Aqua&Terra decided to export and distribute its beer there, starting in Brazil.

IP clauses in contracts

Uniseliz, SARL, a French SME focused on the importation of alcoholic beverages, signed an international sales agreement with a Cuban export company. The Cuban company agreed on selling a large number of “Sierra Madre” rum bottles. The trade mark of this rum was registered in the European Union as a European trade mark and had a great reputation among rum connoisseurs since it is considered one of the best Cuban rums.