Practical measures for enforcing your Software copyright in Argentina

Illusion Machine, Ltd. is a leading Irish SME firm specialised in providing advance software products for audiovisual and multimedia industries.

This Irish company, which operates an online shop, offers on its website 3-month trial versions of its software products in order to give their potential customers the chance to try its products and then decide whether they are interested in buying its full version.

How to protect your IPR online


European SMEs seeking to expand their businesses towards the Latin American region consider the Internet as a preferential channel to do so. With the Internet being such an easy entrance for new products and services, it can also be used by forgers from all over the world as an instrument to sell counterfeit goods or commit any kind of Intellectual Property (IP) frauds.

Unregistered Designs

Laranjon is a European SME operating from Italy focussing on the fashion industry. The marketing department of the company launched the new spring-summer campaign. New merchandising was created for this purpose, including a pen with a new, stylish and very attractive design for promotional purposes.

Franchise Protection in Colombia

Esprimere, an Italian coffee shop, has registered their trademark ‘PronTissimo’ (wordmark) and their logo (figurative mark) in their national IP office. It has contacted local IP lawyers in all the countries since it is planning to expand to Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia and has applied for the registration of both trademarks in all three countries.