What are the trademark registration stages in Argentina?

After the application, the main stages towards the registration of your trademark are:

  1. Formal examination (within the first 90 days). INPI performs a formal examination of the application and documents submitted and checks whether the data, PoA, paid fees, etc comply with the regulations.
  2. Publication in the Trademark Bulletin. During this stage, INPI publishes the Trademark application in the Official Gazette (Boletín de la Dirección Nacional de Marcas) for free. 
  3. Opposition stage. After publication, there are 30 calendar days for third parties to oppose the trademark application that they feel may infringe their rights before the National Directorate of Intellectual Property in Argentina.
  4. Substantive examination: If there are no oppositions – or they are finally rejected-, INPI will grant the registration if the trademark meets the requirements.
  5. Registration. Finally, the trademark will be registered and the corresponding title will be issued and will last for 10 years from the granting date.

Current national legislation in force allows contractual assignment of the trademark/trademark’s application, thus providing another way of acquiring signs in the country. Moreover, licences can be granted for use of the trademark.