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Finlombarda SpA

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Local regional governments
Headquarters: Via Taramelli, 12-20124 MILANO
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Contact Person: Angela Alina Finlombarda SpA is the holding company of the Lombardy Region. As an in-house company, it has the institutional duty to contribute to the implementation of regional economic development programs, social and territorial. Finlombarda SpA is registered in the special list provided for by Article 107 of the Banking Act (TUB) and is supervised by the Bank of Italy. Finlombarda SpA designs, builds and manages innovative financial products and services - to rely on own resources, regional and European Union - in favor of companies, citizens and public administrations in Lombardy, also in co-financing with other financial or banking intermediaries. Finlombarda SpA supports the Lombardy Region in the structuring of financial operations in strategic areas for the attractiveness and competitiveness of the territory, including in the infrastructure sector.
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