Manage your Intellectual Property in Latin America

Custom’s trademark database in Mexico

Based in Cork, Brenan LTD is an Irish manufacturer popular among the English and Irish consumers for its kitchen tools. The company is commercializing a new product, which is to be released in Mexico soon through a local distributor. The owner has already obtained trademark protection in Europe, and he is considering whether protecting it in Mexico or waiting until see how the commercialization goes.

The company has also been warned about potential risks of counterfeiting if it does not protect its products properly in Mexico.

Lessons learned: 

As most IPRs, trademarks are territorial rights. Hence, you need to register them in any country where you want to commercialize your products in order to have exclusive rights and exploit them safely.

The CTD serves as a tool for the detection and seizure of goods that might infringe trademarks or other IPRs at the border.

Moreover, Customs Authorities do not check the IMPI’s database every time a product is imported, for which it is recommended that you register your Mexican trademarks also at the CTD and keep the recordings’ information updated.

Seek advice of IP experts before commercializing your products is highly recommended, since they can assist you in designing the most suitable way to protect your IP.

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Monday, June 19, 2017 - 13:30