Manage your Intellectual Property in Latin America

Copyright infringement in Mexico

Liquori di Roma, a family-owned company headquartered in Vernaza (Italy), which produced, imported and distributed spirits and fruit syrups, found in a business trip to Guanajuato (Mexico), that Dulcecito –a local business was selling their own spirits in a bottle that was almost identical to those used by Liquori for their flagship product, the only difference being the product name included.

The bottle was characterized by a unique pattern, created by Liquori´s founder by late 90’s, consisting of some original illustrations engraved in glass.

Lessons learned: 

The requirements, duration or scope of protection of IPRs may vary from country to country.

All IPRs are territorial, but some can be enforced abroad due to the signature of International Treaties (e.g. Berne Convention for copyright protection).

Develop an IP strategy taking into account your current and potential target markets.

Seek IP professional advice before commercializing your products in order to protect your IP accordingly and update your IP policy on a regular basis to prevent this type of situations.

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