Protection of non-Traditional Trade Marks in Mexico

GalakTic, an Irish SME engaged in the beverage industry, has been successfully commercialising their drink in Europe for 5 years. They have decided to launch their product in Mexico. The distinctive shape of the bottle and the brand name used in Europe are to be used in Mexico too, as will be a new jingle specifically created for the Mexican advertising campaigns.

The name of the product was already registered as a trade mark in the EU, and the shape of the bottle was registered as a design in the EU 5 years ago.

IP protection in the Food and Beverage industry

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Argentina and Brazil are some of the top 10 food and beverage exporters in the world, while Mexico is one of the main importers in this sector. This infographic brings you the some of the main figures, facts and aspects to bear in mind when approaching the Latin-American countries and succeed in this industry thanks to a safe IP protection.

Franchise Protection in Colombia

Esprimere, an Italian coffee shop, has registered their trademark ‘PronTissimo’ (wordmark) and their logo (figurative mark) in their national IP office. It has contacted local IP lawyers in all the countries since it is planning to expand to Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia and has applied for the registration of both trademarks in all three countries.

Cancellation of Industrial Designs

Bavarian Designs GmbH, is a German SME company dedicated to designing containers for the food industry.

Given their innovative designs, Bavarian Designs was contracted by one of the leading companies in Argentina in the industry of dairy products, called La Norteña, to develop a new design for their milk paperboard containers.

After 3 months, Bavarian Designs delivered La Norteña a new container. 

The new design was so innovative that Bavarian Designs decided to register in Argentina the container design as industrial model.

La PI dans le secteur de l'agroalimentaire (I): Indications Géographiques


être capable de se différencier et être à la pointe de l’innovation devient essentiel pour le succès des entreprises du secteur agro-alimentaire. Les droits de propriété intellectuelle deviennent ainsi de plus en plus importants pour rivaliser dans le secteur.



Differentiation and innovation are now key factors to succeed on the Agri-Food sector. Thus, Intellectual Property Rights are becoming more and more important for competing in such field. This Factsheet provides you with and overview of the relevance of each IPR for the sector, with a special focus on Geographical Indications.