Brussels, Belgium - Stereopsia 2019

The Latin America IPR SME Helpdesk is coming to Stereopsia!

Stereopsia is an international event dedicated to all forms of 3D / XR / AI. It features a series of top-notch conferences, panels with international experts, exhibitions and demos, networking opportunities, and awards. This international event is organized in close collaboration with the Hollywood-based Advanced Imaging Society and its EMEA Chapter, and it bestows their prestigious Lumiere Awards to exceptional 3D and 3D VR content makers.

Protecting video games in Mexico

RedSquare, a video game company headquartered in France, created the now famous psychological horror game “Visage” back in 2017. After having succeeded in French- and English-speaking countries, the company decided to have the script translated into Spanish in order to launch the game in Spain and Mexico as pilot countries to test the market in Spanish-speaking countries.

Creative Commons enforcement Brazil

João is a Portuguese blogger who has gained an increasing reputation in the media sector. He publishes content, such as images, texts, or videos on his blog under a Creative Commons BY (attribution) – NC (non-commercial) licence.

This type of licence grants all potential users the right to share and copy the content, as well as to use it as grounds to create other material (through

remixing, transformation, adaptation, etc.). There are only two conditions to these licences. On the one hand, appropriate credit must be given to the