The Registry of Intellectual Property of Guatemala has recognised "Pisco" as a Denomination of Origin produced in Peru

The neverending battle between Chile and Peru to get “Pisco” recognized as an original and native drink from their own countries has lived another episode, now in Guatemala. Pisco is a grape Brandy distilled in Chile or Peru.

After the efforts undertaken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru, the Intellectual Property Office in Guatemala has recognized “Pisco” as a Denomination of Origin (DO) from Peru.

In the European Union, Pisco was recognized to Chile and Peru in different times. In 2002, the EU recognized Chile´s Pisco as a DO through a trade agreement. Nevertheless, in 2013 the European Commission recognized to Peru the name “Pisco” as a Geographical Indication (GI), with the following clarification: “the protection of the geographical indication ‘Pisco’ for products originating in Peru does not hinder the use of such denomination for products originating in Chile.” (link).

For further information, please check the website of Indecopi in spanish (link).
IP Tango has also published an article on their website.