The Dominican Republic now has a Plant Variety Office

Earlier in the year the Dominican Republic announced the launch of the Office for the Registration of Plant Varieties (OREVADO), under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture. It is therefore now possible to register and assert your rights on your plant varieties in this country.

The rights granted by OREVADO have a duration of 25 years for trees and vines, and 20 years for all other species. Users should note however that in order to file an application to the Office, companies or individuals not domiciliated in the Dominican Republic must name a local agent to represent them throughout the registration process.

The Dominican Republic is a member of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants, or UPOV, and therefore applies the same requirements for protection of plant varieties as the European Union and most Latin American countries:

  1. The New plant must be novel (not previously marketed in the country in which the rights are applied for).
  2. The new plant must be distinct from other available varieties.
  3. The plants must display homogeneity.
  4. The trait or traits unique to the new variety must be stable so that the plant remains true to type after repeated cycles of propagation.

For more information, please be referred to the OREVADO’s website.

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