Division or Merger of an International trademark registration is now possible

Since last 1 February 2019, international registrations are susceptible of division, and in certain cases, they could even be merged.

The division of the trademark can be important in cases where some of the products or goods are not recognized in a further country where applicant is seeking protection.
As to the merger of the application, only two cases are contemplated: when the merger comes from the recording of a partial change in the ownership or, the recording of a previous division.

The merger or division will be requested before each national office that is part of the Madrid Agreement. Thus, it will depend on each national office to accept it or not.

It will be applicable to all contracting parties (119 countries) that are part of the Madrid Agreement. Although, they have the competence to opt-out from the acceptance of these requests.

For more information, please be referred to: WIPO