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Report on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in third countries The Third Country Report identifies countries outside of the European Union in which the state of intellectual property protection and enforcement gives rise to the greatest concern and provides an update of the existing Commission’s list of priority countries. It aims to improve intellectual property rights protection and enforcement worldwide, as well as inform rights holders, including SMEs, of the potential risks when conducting business in certain countries.

For the first time, the Third Country Report contains a dedicated section on the protection of plant variety rights.
European Commission
Observancia de derechos de patente y diseño This is a report in Spanish and English on the enforcement measures of Patents and Design rights in Peru during the last 5 years, made by INDECOPI Peru. INDECOPI Peru
Lineamientos aplicables al procedimiento para la emision de licencias obligatorias This document aims to clarify the administrative process which must be followed for these obligations to be imposed on a patent owner, determining the procedures and competent bodies, the documents to be presented, and the deadlines to be respected.

Compulsory licences are imposed following a request presented by a third party to the The Directorate of Inventions and New Technologies of INDECOPI. Note that compulsory licences can be cancelled when the motive which caused it ceases to exist.
Tríptico Indicaciones Geográficas y Denominaciones de Origen Triptych on Denominations of Origin and Geographical indications by IMPI in Mexico. Summarized information on both IPRs. IMPI Mexico
Guía de invenciones This is a general guide on the patent and utility model procedure for the protection of inventions in Mexico, provided by IMPI. IMPI Mexico
Guía de Usuario: búsqueda de patentes en línea User Guide by IMPI Mexico on how to best take advantage of their online databases, in order to make a refined patent search online. IMPI Mexico
Guía de usuario: patente en línea Guide on how to use IMPI's website for patent procedure online, from the application of a patent to the creation of automatic notifications. IMPI Mexico
Market success for inventions This EPO study shows that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) rely on European patents to protect their high-potential inventions and that two thirds of these inventions are commercially exploited. EPO
Las marcas en América Latina INTA and ASIPI presented a study of the economic impact of brands in ten countries in the region of Latin America. The aim of this study is to raise awareness about the value of brands in economies, people and companies and, also to promote brands among those who make laws in the region. INTA and ASIPI
Guidelines for Examination in the EPO Thanks to these Guidelines, users may get familiar with the practice and procedure to be followed in the various aspects of the examination of European applications and patents in accordance with the European Patent Convention and its Implementing Regulations. EPO
Euro-PCT Guide This guide for applicants is aimed at those interested in pursuing the procedure under the PCT and focuses on elements specific to the PCT procedure before the EPO. EPO
High-growth firms and intellectual property rights A new joint EPO-EUIPO study shows that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with at least one IP right, have 10% more chances to become High Growth Firms (HGFs).
In Europe, the SME's with at least one IP right have a greater likelihood (17%).

According to the study, 99% of all businesses in the European Union are SMEs and are contributing with 57% of the EU´s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Manual para el Usuario: Patentes de Invención y Patentes de modelo de utilidad Manual for users in regard to patents and utility models and its procedure in Bolivia. SENAPI
Solicitudes de Renovación de Marcas Guidelines on how to apply for the renewal of the trademarks on INPI´s website. INPI Argentina
Oposiciones Marcas Guidelines on how to carry out trademark oppositions online on INPI´s website. INPI Argentina
Guías PPH INAPI-PROSUR Guidelines on the procedure and requirements to get your patent application from Chile faster in other IP Offices member of the Prosur. The system used is the well-known Patent Prosecution Highway. INAPI
Guía de derechos de autor en la industria de la moda Guidelines on Copyright and how to protect it in the fashion industry. Indecopi
Manual de Desenhos Industriais em PDF Manual on Industrial Designs in PDF made by INPI Brazil.It is divided in 10 Chapters and 1 extra part on "Models". INPI Brazil
IP Management EPO´s "IP Management" provides you with teaching material about IP management, strategy and commercialisation. EPO
IP Search Tools EPO´s "IP Search Tools" offers advanced teaching materials on the Espacenet and European Patent Register databases.
It provides also teaching materials for TMview, TMclass, Designview, eSearch Plus, eSearch Case Law, EuroLocarno and the EUIPO Registry.
IP Advanced II EPO´s "IP Advance II" provides advanced teaching materials on trade marks, copyright, trade secrets and know-how. EPO
IP Advanced I EPO´s "IP Advanced Part I" offers in-depth teaching materials on patents, utility models and designs. EPO
IP Basics IP Basics by the EPO has been designed for students and teachers with little knowledge in IP, as an Introductory document for lectures. EPO
The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Peru- Litigation & Dispute Resolution 2018 Litigation & Dispute Resolution FAQs in Peru Global Legal Group
Patent applicant's guide General Information about patent registration including official forms Ministerio de Comercio e Industria (Panama)