IPRs in Uruguay for EU SMEs

Module Number
1.50 hours

This module aims to give an overview about the current situation in which concerns to Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation as well as to provide information about the main IPRs in Uruguay:

  • Patents
  • Industrial Designs
  • Trademarks
  • Copyright
  • Software
Expected Learning Outcomes

The trainees will learn:

- What are the main statistics on IP and Innovation in Uruguay

- What IPR- related International Treaties have been ratified by Uruguay

- What is the current status and practices of Intellectual Property Law in Uruguay

- Patents: definition, types of patents, non-protectable inventions, duration, costs and registration.

- Industrial Designs: definition, types of designs, duration, costs and registration

-Trademarks: definition, types, signs subject to registration, duration, costs and registration.

- Copyright: definition, duration, costs and registration. Software specificities.

- What mechanisms do IPR holders have to enforce their rights in Uruguay

Module content
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