Latin America IPR SME Helpdesk Pilot Study on the Needs on Intellectual Property of LA SMEs doing business with EU SMEs

LA IPR SME Helpdesk baja pilot study

With the aim of fostering better and mutual understanding between EU and Latin American (LA) SMEs having business, the present specific pilot study is focused on Latin American SMEs doing or willing to do business with EU companies; its main purpose is to analyse their level of awareness, knowledge and use of IP with the special focus on doing business with EU SMEs. The results of the present analysis will be widely disseminated and shared with the Latin American countries’ National Patent Offices and other relevant competent authorities for their consideration and to foster a more in depth support to Latin American companies in terms of raising the awareness and use of IP to valorise their IP assets. This will bring as a result the establishment or potentiation of solid business relations with EU SMEs for their mutual benefit.

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