Unauthorised use of Trademarks in Mexico

TeleHolly is a Mexican television network broadcasting content on celebrities, music, television and entertainment in general. This company owns the well-known trademark TeleHolly, registered in Mexico for entertainment, television programming and telecommunication services.

Septtris, a small Italian company specialized in organizing all kinds of social and entertainment events, produced a series of videos and photos to promote their services in Mexico. The Italian company uploaded on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts a number of videos and photos of the parties they have organized, featuring interviews with the guests and participants. The interviewers were holding microphones with the distinctive TeleHolly logo, as if TeleHolly was covering the event.

One month after broadcasting the campaign, Septtris received a very aggressive cease and desist letter (C&D) from TeleHolly, giving them 24 hours to remove the videos and images in question and informing that legal actions could be taken. The Mexican television company, rather than seeking economic compensation, was focused on repairing their corporate image.