Trademark registration formalities in Colombia

DynaMeds, a Danish SME devoted to drugs and medicines packaging, was willing to expand to some Latin American markets. Aware of the importance of protecting the brand, they contacted a local IP lawyer on each of the countries of interest (Colombia, Chile and Mexico) supported by the in-house legal department of the company. As they previously did in Europe, they decided to file a word trademark application (only the name of the company) in all the said territories. The CEO of the European enterprise took the occasion of a business trip to Colombia to meet the local law firm and fulfil all the formalities. After a few months, the Colombian lawyer informed that the Intellectual Property Right (IPR) was successfully granted, but argued that DynaMeds’ logo must also be protected as a trademark in order to prevent it to be used or even registered by anyone else. Moreover, a special legalized Power of Attorney (PoA) would be needed for the new trademark application.