Trademark registration in Chile

Tortillas Bravas, S.L., a Spanish SME owned the Spanish trademark X.

Based on this trademark, it decided to register it abroad too. In particular, in Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America and Chile. 

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Lessons learned

Get familiar with local regulation. Although the Mercosur countries and Chile have very reasona- ble international standards, not all of them are sig- natory parties of all the IP International treaties. In that case, local regulation is to be applied, and it may vary significantly from country to country.

In Chile, a trademark cannot be cancelled on non-use grounds. Real and effective use is not a legal requirement for its validity.

Relative grounds for refusal are ex officio exami- ned by the Trademark Office of all the Mercosur countries and Chile. Consequently, the National Office could base its rejection decision on a par- ticular trademark, regardless its owner has lod- ged an opposition or not.

Seek for local IP advice in order to know how to proceed according to your circumstances. A Chilean IP lawyer could have warned the Spanish SME on the procedural differences and have set another registration strategy.