Trade fair Brazil

The German SME Recht attended Arnold Classic 2007’s edition in Brazil, a biannual trade fair on Sporting products and Fitness.
Among other products, a new Pilates reformer machine was presented: the Zen model. 

Module contents
Lessons learned

Seek for professional IP advice before exploiting your products and service.

Do not disclose your invention without proper prior IP protection. Otherwise, it would be very difficult –if not impossible- to start legal actions to counterfeited or unauthorized copies of your products and it could affect further IPR applications (i.e. rejection of patent application for lack of novelty).

Conduct a brief due diligence on the rest of the attendees of the events your are intending to go in order to detect and prevent potential IPR infringements.

Stay in touch with Trade Fair organizers. They can help you in case of IPR conflict by providing you advice (arbitration or mediation service), evidences for further legal actions and assistance in the event that another attendee is clearly infringing your IPR.

Some countries provide for a grace period. The duration could vary from country to country. But remember that in most of the Mercosur countries, you have no right until the patent is finally granted. Know before you go and avoid incurring unnecessary costs.