Practical measures for enforcing your Software copyright in Argentina

Illusion Machine, Ltd. is a leading Irish SME firm specialised in providing advance software products for audiovisual and multimedia industries.

This Irish company, which operates an online shop, offers on its website 3-month trial versions of its software products in order to give their potential customers the chance to try its products and then decide whether they are interested in buying its full version.

In order to avoid and detect potential software infringements, the company shields its product with anti-piracy software. Among them, Illusion Machine includes a technological solution that allows them, on the one hand, to track and report unauthorized usages after the expiration of the free trial provided, and on the other hand, to obtain the IP address of the computer where the software has been downloaded. These safety measures were activated once the free trial version was downloaded and the customers had accepted its terms and conditions, including the privacy conditions, which allow the company to collect data from the user´s computer related to license compliance and optimization.

In 2018, Illusion Machine detected an increasing number of cases of manipulation of trial versions of its software products in Argentina that were committed by small film production companies.