Patent conversion to Utility Model in Argentina

Pickup’s World, Ltd. is an SME established in Dublin and founded by three industrial engineers, who shared a common passion: vehicle designing.

One of Pickup’s World’s partners, Alfred, who had worked for a leading German car manufacturer for several years, was aware of the increasing sales in pickup trucks of the company in the South American market. He was also aware of the repeated complaints received from clients in the region, especially in Argentina, about the cover for the open cargo area included at the back of trucks, deemed not secure enough.

After analysing the existing cover protections in this field of the market, Pickup’s World detected that all of them were made of soft materials and needed to be tied to all sides of the truck. Hence, it was very easy to sneak past the security of the cargo area.

As a result of this analysis, Pickup’s World developed a multi-adjustable rigid cover for pickups, the main solution of which –in contrast with the existing designs– was a hard-retractable structure that could be locked.

Considering that Pickup’s World’s main target was to first launch the product in Argentina, they decided to file a patent application there in order to obtain a right that gives them the exclusivity to commercialise the cover and prevent others to use their invention.

Months later, after filing the patent in Argentina and having recently closed their first sale in Argentina, Pickup’s World was notified of the Argentinean Patent Office (INPI)’s rejection of their invention, since the examiner considered that it did not imply a relevant inventive step from the state of the art.