Commercialising a new method in Chile

BLISSAKKO is a French SME active in the field of healthy living created by Lucas, a French lifestyle coach, and Juan, a Spanish entrepreneur.

Its story started in 2010 when Lucas developed a 30-step method to live a more mindful and healthy life and published a book describing this method in English, German and French. Building on the book’s success in Europe, Lucas teamed up with Juan to start a company helping people to implement the method. On this model, two health centres were opened in Paris and Frankfurt and “BLISSAKKO” was registered as a European Union trade mark in view of future openings in other large European cities.

In parallel, Lucas’ book was translated into Spanish. The idea was to reach a wider community not only in Spain but also in Latin America, with a trial period in Chile and the launch of the first Blissakko health centre in Santiago. Before going further, both founders were keen on ensuring that their method would be well-protected in Chile.