Brussels, Belgium - Stereopsia 2019

The Latin America IPR SME Helpdesk is coming to Stereopsia!

Stereopsia is an international event dedicated to all forms of 3D / XR / AI. It features a series of top-notch conferences, panels with international experts, exhibitions and demos, networking opportunities, and awards. This international event is organized in close collaboration with the Hollywood-based Advanced Imaging Society and its EMEA Chapter, and it bestows their prestigious Lumiere Awards to exceptional 3D and 3D VR content makers.

Protecting your IP in the Biotechnology sector

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Did you know that Argentinian businesses invoice over €900 million annually? And that Biotech patent applications may require additional filing requirement in Latin America? Check out this infographic to know more on how to protect your innovations in this field. 

IP & Smart Cities: shaping the future of urban development

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Cities of the future will rely on ICT to enhance their efficency and the services they offer. This Infographic will provide you with basic information regarding Smart Cities, Business opportunities and challenges in Latin America. 

IP protection in Latin American ICT sector

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Latin America is now one of the fastest-growing regions for e-commerce, behind Asia-Pacific, and a potential market for EU SMEs in fields like e-health, Media Streaming or Enterprise software. This infographic provides you with a brief overview of ICT market prospects and best practices to protect your ICT products in Latin America.

Protect it before you get there: Healthcare and Pharmaceutical innovation in Mexico

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Did you know that the Mexican Pharmaceutical market is one of the largest in Latin America? The size of the market and the population's age are significant reasons for the positive development of this industry. Likewise, the Medical Tourism in the Healthcare sector is expected to grow by 6.3-7% in coming years. In this infographic, you will find relevant commercial data and information that reveals the potential of this sectors, as well as IP statistics and best practices to protect your innovations in these fields. 

La PI dans le secteur de l'agroalimentaire (II): variétés végétales


Comme expliqué précédemment dans la fiche Agro I, être capable de se différencier et d'innover sont des facteurs clés dans le secteur de l'agroalimentaire. Cette fiche info se concentre sur un autre DPI important pour le secteur: les Variétés Végétales. Cette fiche fourni l'information essentielle pour mieux comprendre la protection des variétés végétales en Amérique Latine.

La PI dans le secteur automobile


La recherche et l’innovation sont des facteurs déterminants pour les entreprises du secteur automobile. Le Mexique ou le Brésil ont su augmenter leur capacité de production et le volume des exportations, renforçant ainsi leur compétitivité grâce aux nouvelles technologies. C’est dans ce contexte que la protection fournis par la PI pourrait aider les entreprises à récupérer leur investissement.