Copyright Infringement in Mexico (II)

Iguana Ltd. is a UK-based communication agency that was willing to renew the corporate identity of Guanajuates, a client in Mexico. As a first step, they decided to redesign the company’s logo of the Mexican enterprise.

Tired of unsuccessful, time consuming exchange of drafts that largely exceeded what was budgeted, the CEO ordered the graphic designer of the European SME to stop spending additional time on the design, as it would be impossible to charge the customer for it.

Franchise Protection in Colombia

Esprimere, an Italian coffee shop, has registered their trademark ‘PronTissimo’ (wordmark) and their logo (figurative mark) in their national IP office. It has contacted local IP lawyers in all the countries since it is planning to expand to Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia and has applied for the registration of both trademarks in all three countries.

IP clauses in contracts

Uniseliz, SARL, a French SME focused on the importation of alcoholic beverages, signed an international sales agreement with a Cuban export company. The Cuban company agreed on selling a large number of “Sierra Madre” rum bottles. The trade mark of this rum was registered in the European Union as a European trade mark and had a great reputation among rum connoisseurs since it is considered one of the best Cuban rums.