Latin America meets Vienna


Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 63
1040 Vienna

Free of charge
Small and Medium-sized enterprises
SME intermediary associations
Latin American SMEs engaged in business cooperation with EU firms
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The Chamber of Commerce of Austria (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich) organises the event: Latin America meets Vienna. The event aims to provide to Austrian companies detailed information on economic developments and business opportunities in the Latin America region. 

Top keynote speakers and top-class industry experts will share their experiences in the region and their perspectives through lectures and panel discussions.

Main topics on the programme are:

  • Latin America - opportunities and challenges, a macroeconomic analysis
  • Political changes in Latin America: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela - what's next?
  • Trade agreements and economic integration of Latin America via the USMCA, MERCOSUR, Andean Community, Pacific Alliance and Trans-Pacific Partnership agreements
    • In-depth sectoral and specialist expert panels in the following areas:
    • Energy and Environment
    • Mechanical Engineering and Industry 4.0
    • Construction, Smart Cities and Tourism Infrastructure
    • Agriculture and food processing
    • Invest in Latin America
    • Financing for business in Latin America
    • Workshop on Intercultural Aspects of Business with Latin America (with the Austrian Latin American Institute)
    • Workshop for Austrian SMEs on the Protection of Intellectual Property in Latin America