Intellectual Property Rights in Uruguay for EU SMEs

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Event type: Webinar

Time: 16.00h (CET)

Location: Online

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Language: English

Event description

The webinar 'IPRs in Uruguay for EU SMEs' aims to give an overview about the current situation as regards Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation as well as to provide practical information about the registration and enforcement of the main IPRs in Uruguay.

About the speakers

Ms. Mª Cristina Dartayete holds a doctorate in Law and Social Sciences. Intellectual Property Network Coordinator since 2011 to date. Director of Industrial Property Office of 2005 to 2010. Legal Adviser in the same Directorate from 1993 to 2005. Coeditor of the Trademark Law 17.011. Responsible for IP courses in different university environments (PGT, Faculty of Engineering, Fine Arts, Faculty of Law), on-line CEFIR course, Chamber of Commerce, and all training and awareness courses organized by the IP Network from 2008 to date.

Ms. Paola Díaz Dellavalle, Ph.D., has a background in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, being author and/or co-author of various research articles in refereed journals and book chapters. Paola complemented his scientific preparation with training in Intellectual Property. She works at the Intellectual Property Network since 2012, acquiring experience in various aspects of intellectual property, including the use of technological information contained in the patent system, IP strategic planning, studies of patentability and patents drafting, in a wide variety of technical fields.

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