Customs in Mexico: What a brand owner should not forget when exporting to Mexico

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Over the years, globalization has caused undertakings to manufacture, buy or sell in other countries with different languages, cultures and mostly, different regulations. This workshop will focus on some basic grounds that any SMEs should not leave unattended when making businesses in Mexico, namely when importing and exporting goods. Case by case, we will address some important things that will make your customs experience more digestible.
Customs and IP authorities work together closely to increase awareness of IP protection as well as to deter, stop and seize importation of counterfeit products. Nonetheless, the most important part of IP management is sometimes set aside by SMEs: Obtain your rights in advance!

About the speaker

José Arguello LLM, Legal Advisor, MCOY Abogados (Mexico)

José, holds an LLM from the Magister Lvcentinvs of the University of Alicante. He also has strong working experience in advising local and foreign companies on custom regulations regarding importation and exportation of goods as well as advising clients on all aspects of Intellectual Property such as Trademarks and Patents.

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