Lille, France - BIOKET 2020

The Latin America IPR SME Helpdesk goes BIOKET!


BIOKET brings key players in the biomass and key enabling technology (KET) sector to one conference. With the public focus shifting towards a greener economy, bringing KET into the bio-economy sector will be a crucial task. BIOKET aims to bridge this gap.

The Latin America IPR SME Helpdesk will meet European SMEs that develop innovative KET solutions and help them find answers to their questions on intellectual property rights in the Latin American biotech sector. Be sure to book a meeting with us!


IP Rights for EU SMEs in Brazil - Energy and Environment Sector

This webinar aims to give an overview about the current situation as regards Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation as well as to provide practical information about the registration and enforcement of the main IPRs in Brazil focused on the energy and environment sector. SMEs will also be provided expert tips and watch-outs to bear in mind when entering the Latin-American country.

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for SMEs doing business in China, Latin America and South-East Asia

Patents registered in Europe, being territorial rights, have no legal effect in China and any of the countries in South-east Asia and Latin America. However, through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) it is possible to seek simultaneous patent protection for an invention in several countries by filing a single “international” patent application instead of filing separate national applications.

In this webinar you will learn more about the advantages and possible disadvantages of PCT. Our IPR experts will equip you with tips and recommendations on how to utilise the PCT to manage your patent portfolio in developing markets.

How To Protect Your Trade Mark in China, South-East Asia & Latin America through the Madrid System

The Madrid System, administered by WIPO, is a convenient and cost-effective solution for registering and managing trade marks worldwide. The system allows brand owners to protect their trade marks in up to 122 countries by filing one application, using one language (English, French or Spanish) and paying one set of fees. Recently Malaysia joined the Madrid system, with this addition expect Myanmar all SEA countries are member of the Madrid system.

During this webinar, the IP expert Mr. Simon Cheetham (IP Expert of the China and SEA Helpdesks) and Mr. Eli Salis (IP Expert of the Latin America Helpdesk) offer tips and recommendations on how to utilise the Madrid System to manage your trade mark portfolio when internationalising to China, SEA and Latin America.



Are you interested in Latin American markets and innovation? Do you face IP challenges or seek support for your company upon entering the markets? Then save the date for the upcoming event!

The Ministry of Industry and Trade invites you to an interactive seminar focused on promoting the successful entry of Czech innovative entrepreneurs to Latin American countries. The key topics will be the specifics of intellectual property rights in the region and the start-up support in selected countries.