Joint INTA and ASIPI report on the economic impact of trade marks in Latin America

The International Trade Mark Association (INTA) and the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI) issued their second report on the economic impact of registered trade marks on the economies of 10 Latin American countries. The first report published in 2016 focused on Colombia, Chile, Panama, Peru and Mexico. For this second edition were added the following five: Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

How to protect your IPR online


European SMEs seeking to expand their businesses towards the Latin American region consider the Internet as a preferential channel to do so. With the Internet being such an easy entrance for new products and services, it can also be used by forgers from all over the world as an instrument to sell counterfeit goods or commit any kind of Intellectual Property (IP) frauds.

Unfair competition and deceiving geographical indications in the Dominican Republic

TREMIK, a Scottish SME company engaged in the manufacture and sale of Scotch whisky in the Dominican Republic, noticed that a Dominican company was commercializing products labeled as Scotch Whisky without due authorization.

Unfortunately, Scotch Whisky was not registered as an Appellation of Origin in the Dominican Republic at that time, and the Dominican manufacturer was not using any confusingly similar trademark.

Ficha País de la PI: República Dominicana


Esta Ficha País proporciona una imagen completa y actualizada sobre los Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual en República Dominicana. Las PYMEs interesadas en el país caribeño se beneficiarán de información relevante y práctica, incluyendo los requisitos formales y sustantivos para la protección o tasas, entre otros.

Dominican Republic IP Factsheet


This Factsheet gives an overview on how to protect and manage Intellectual Property assets in Dominican Republic with tailored approach to the needs of European SMEs, that will benefit from factual and practical information including formal and substantive requirements or fees, among others.